Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mourn with me...

Last night I brewed up a beautiful split batch of a Smoked Porter and a Dark Mild that I was just thrilled about. I hit all of my targets, the recipe was the result of weeks of careful adjustments, the water treatments were spot-on, my starter was huge and healthy...

I went to bed with the buckets both sitting at 72ish (tap is already too warm to cool much below 70, and it was late) with plans to pitch first thing in the morning. The 1.040OG Mild was going to get Fuller's yeast (which Magnolia uses for Kel's favorite) and the 1.050OG Porter a packet of dry CA Ale yeast (the Chico strain).

Woke up as planned at 5am for a run, and thought it would be fun to pitch first and see if there was any activity when I got back. So, I went into the garage and groggily did the deed. Then, as I was rinsing out the funnel and re-affixing the air locks I realized that in my pre-run, pre-coffee haze I had switched the buckets for the yeasts!

Now I'm afraid my Porter is going to be a chewey mess (I mashed at 156) and my Mild is going to just taste watered down (neutral/ dry yeast in a small beer, NO!)

So, here's to two beers that would have been great-- pour one out for them.

Any comforting words would be greatly appreciated.

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