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Follow this link to my BeerAdvocate reviews of comercial beers.

YPA= Great citrus and grass IPA. 8.5/10!

ASB= Special Bitter with decidely American ingredients. Crisp and smooth. 7.5/10

La Rouge= Citra hops + french yeast + BrettC = Tropical, spicy, earthy. Weird Biere De Garde. 6/10
La Rouge 2nd Tasting 7.5/10

Black Steam= Rich and crisp black psuedo lager. Easy BBQ beer. 7/10

Pomegranite Beer= Tart, lemony, earthy, and refreshing. Muddy at first, but cleared up nicely. 7/10

NWA= Red and rough. Coffee, hops, and rye make for a dry, dirty and mean North West Ale. 5.5/10

Sunny Side IPA= Awsome summer beer hugely tropical hops, wheat, and honey malt. 8.5/10

Swamp Thing= 100% Brett L fermentation, dry hops, and oak make for a tropical storm! 9/10
Swamp Thing 2nd Tasting 7.5/10

Smokey the Poo Bear= Rich, deep, smooth, and aromatic smoked honey porter. 8.5/10

BRYnRYE’s Ale= Red back yard beer that I don't love. 6/10

ASBII= Hoppy Bown Special Bitter with a crisp malt profile. 7/10

Hella!= IPA that is practically sticky with pine sap and pineapple juice. 9/10

Cuivre= First attempt at a house dark belgian Table Beer. Earthy. Missed the mark. 6/10

Cocoa Bear Stout= Chocloaty oatmeal stout. Almost right, but I want more roast! 7/10

Sonorval= Meyer lemons, flowers, hay, some oak and Brett from Brux and Orval. 9.5/10

Pale Rider= Crisp, tangerine-tinted XPA with a Pilsner like balance. Different kind of hoppy. 8/10

Frog's Breath= Dank/ citrusy/ grassy super hopped Pale Ale. Nelson/ CTZ/ Centennial. 8.5/10

BARFDIGGS TRADES= link to my tasting notes on a fellow homebrewer's works of art.

Rough and Ready Rye= Earthy, spicy, woodsy, citrusy hop bomb with a rustic edge. 8/10

Blanche Niege= Wit with oak and cool fermentation. Doughy, tart, strange, but OK. 6.5/10

Estate Cider 2011= Nice, tart, interesting, and well balanced... but not too complex. 7/10

Honey Blonde= Simple blonde ale made with kolsch yeast for a wedding party. Solid. 7.5/10

Tips and Terms= Any questions? We'll try to answer 'em here.

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