Friday, March 1, 2013

Swamp Thing Update

2/19/13 Tasting 2

(original tasting here)

My 100% Brett L "Swamp Thing" has been in the bottle for over 7 months now, so Kel and I decided to crack one and see where it is at:

Still totally killer even with some age. The passionfruit hoppyness has faded a bit and yielded to some clean strawberry and more prominent cherry pie notes from the yeast. The Brett cleared and left a much prettier ruby red color, and a slightly less muddy pallate. The general fruityness has faded a bit, but the nice flinty funk is more up front and makes for a really interesting finish.

I was kind of expecting it to fall off more as the Citra and Amarillo faded and the brett matured-- it changed, but is still up there on the list!

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