Adventures in brewing.

2011 Estate Harvest Cider = First attempt at making cider from the apple tree at my folks' house.

Rosemary's Baby = Set out to make a dark, funky, spicy Saison. Failed, got marinade.

Black Steam = Split batch dark steam beer.  Great summertime beer.

YPA = Pale, dry, chewey, grassy, fresh IPA.

American Special Bitter = Pale Ale/ Best Bitter with juicy american hops.

La Rouge= Hoppy, rustic red Biere De Garde fermented with Brett and French yeast.

Pomegranite Table Beer= Kinda' hap-hazzard, low gravity Kolsch derived from Amber Saison wort.

NWA= Coffee, Willamettes, Palisades, and Cascades. Pacific Northwest posterchild portion of the 4-way day.

Swamp Thing= 100% Brett L fermented brown funk. Part of the 4-split.

bRYEnRYEs Ale= Amber Rye. The jump-off point for the 4-way split.

Penny Biere= Copper colored "Abbey Single" from the 4-way. A Belgian table beer for the holidays.

1 recipe, 2 weekends, 4 Beers= This is me getting carried away with a recipe for an Amber Rye.

Smokey The Poo Bear=Medium sized Smoked Honey porter with big layers of honey and smoke.

Short Stack= Dark Mild for Kelly. Smokey and small, but not puny.

Sunny Side= Summery IPA with wheat and a big floral/ tropical hop profile.

Making Messes= Blending experiment. Hopefully a spicy, musty, mysterious, and dark funky beer.

Awesome Special Brown= ASB II. Brown, hoppy, nice.

Brown Bavarian= Split fermentation with ASB II. Bavarian wheat yeast in a fruity-hoppy Brown.

Hella!= West Coast IPA from the Hills. Simple as that.

Cuivre= Belgian table amber. Spicy, fruity, and easy for the holidays.

Cocoa Bear Stout= Winter Black Beer. Chocolate oatmeal stout blackened with Black Patent.

Blanche Niege= Winter White. Wit with oak, spice, and orange peel.

Sonorval= Based on my favorite Brett beers. Pale, hoppy, funky.

Pale Rider= Xtra Pale Ale. Spicy, floral, clean, wicked hoppy, "american pilsner ale."

Farmstead Rye= Simple Rustic Rye with "house blend" Saison yeast and Styrian Auroara hops.

Frog's Breath= Dank/ fruity/ skunky APA with Nelson, Centennial, and Columbus hops.

Stay Gold= Belgian Golden Ale with Brett and earthy, fruity hops. Sornorval redux so to speak.

Blondie= Honey blond with kolsch yeast and a pinch of apricots for wedding bell sessioning.

Smokey the Poo 2= Bigger, roastier, smokier, sweeter, badder re-brew of SPB.

Rough and Ready= "RyePA" with loads of Citra and Chinook. Agro.

Mellow Yellow= All Amarillo Oat Pale Ale for the Lake.

Fraise= Table Saison with Strawberries

Tips and Terms= Any questions? We'll try to answer 'em here.

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