Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We invented a sport!

You take what you can get.
This past weekend I was lucky enjoy a killer celebration in honor of my good friend John for his “Bachelor” party. While Kel and the girls raged in Healdsburg for Meryl’s Bachelorette bomb, we played on the beach in Cayucos. It was an amazingly rad time thanks to the awesome group of goodguys who kept the fun coming non-stop, the pretty little beach house that served up the fun, and the hole-in-the-wall bar with all the charming ‘n ugly ‘n lovely old ladies to dance the night away with. Mainly we drank horrible beer and great whiskey, smoked big embarrassing cigars, threw things, and thrashed on the beach. But enough about all that… the point of this post is that I have to share the best new sport since freestyle walking:


What you need:

1) An open field or beach that allows for hella fast running without crashing into anything. The football field at your local public school would work well. We played on the beach.

2) 2, 3, or 4 ring-type Frisbees. The ones that go like 300 yards with a good huck. 3) Double the number of players as there are Frisbees. So, if you have 3 Frisbees, you need 6 dudes- 3 for each team. We played with 2 Frisbees which meant 2 teams of 2.

How you play:

Each team goes to opposite ends of the field and alternates throwing the Frisbees to the other team. I recommend starting with at least 100 yards between the teams as the Frisbees go wicked far.

Points are only received by the receiving team. The throwing team simply has one player act as that point’s “server.”

The server throws ALL of the Frisbees (equal to the # of opposing players) as evenly to the opposing team. The idea behind the throw is to release all of the Frisbees in a stack so that they are flying more-or-less in even formation.

I don't recomend playing this game with horse shoes.
The Frisbees will inevitably move apart as they make their way to the other side of the field, where the catching teams’ objective is to have each player catch one. 2 points are scored ONLY when every receiver catches a Frisbees (meaning, all Frisbees have to be caught). No points are scored if any individual receiver fails to make a catch. So, if there are 4 guys and 4 Frisbees, and 3 guys catch a Frisbee each but one receiver doesn’t catch the 4th, the team gets no points.

Each throw is subject to a “repeal” from the receiving team if it determines that the release was faulty and rendered any of the Frisbees absolutely uncatchable. In that case the point should re-played.

The first team to score more than 7 points wins, but can only win by a margin of 2 or more points. The loosing team then buys the winning team the first round of drinks at the bar after the game.

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

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